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Dalat Food Guide: 9 Food Specialties to Try

May 31, 2024
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Plates filled with traditional Vietnamese food in Dalat.
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Dalat Food Guide: 9 Food Specialties to Try
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May 31, 2024
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Apart from the beautiful sceneries and adventures, Dalat also features food specialties that makes the city a destination for foodies. 

So if you are looking to experience the food scene or just want to find some varieties during your visit, here are the 9 best Dalat foods to try. We've included dishes ranging from popular street snacks to savory meals that will make you appreciate the cooler weather.

In this Dalat food guide, you can also find where to try the dishes and the average price for each meal.

Plan your food trip and experience the unique flavors of Dalat!

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Planning a Last Minute Trip to Dalat

Don’t have time to read the whole article? Our favorite Dalat food specialty is Ốc Nhồi Thịt, which are steamed freshwater snails stuffed with minced pork, garlic, and lemongrass. Head to Quan Oc 33 and taste them for yourself!

All the restaurants we’ve listed on this guide are easily accessible and you can visit on your own.

If you are interested in sampling more local delicacies, we recommend joining a food tour where a local guide takes you to the most popular and hidden food spots in Dalat. Here is the most highly-rated food tour you can book.

9 Must-Try Food in Dalat, Vietnam

Here is a list of the best Dalat food we’ve enjoyed and recommend you try. We've also added the best restaurants to taste them at, as well as the average price per dish.

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A bowl of noodles in Vietnam

1. Bread Shumai

Location: Banh Mi Xiu Mai 47

Opening Times: 5am to 5pm

Average Price: 35,000 VND (1.50 USD)

If you are looking for a breakfast dish, then look no further than Bánh Mì Xíu Mại. This crispy bread is served with a bowl of flavorful meatballs and is best enjoyed in the mornings. There are plenty of shumai restaurants along Hoang Dieu street but our favorite is Banh Mi Xiu Mai 47.

Apart from being affordable, they also have a variety of options you can pair with your bread, such as fried egg, pate, beef, and cheese. This small restaurant gets busy so head there before 9am to beat the crowds.

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Banh Mi Xiu Mai stand in Da Lat, Vietnam.

2. Stuffed Snail with Pork

Location: Quan Oc 33 

Opening Times: 11am to 10pm

Average Price: 160,000 VND (6 USD)

These steamed freshwater snails, also known as Ốc Nhồi Thịt  are stuffed with minced pork, garlic, and lemongrass.

We love how filling and flavorful this dish is. With a hint of lemongrass and the sweet and sour sauce on the side, the tastes all combine and complement each other. There are many places that serve this popular meal, but our favorite is Quan Oc 33. A bowl usually contains 10 snails.

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A bowl of stuffed snail wtih pork (Oc Nhoi Thi) in Dalat, Vietnam.

3. Corn Rolls

Location: Cha Ram Bap Nem Nuong Tan Long

Opening Times: 11am to 9pm

Average Price: 45,000 VND (1.80 USD).

This Dalat specialty, also known as Chả Ram Bắp, is fried rice paper stuffed with grated sweet corn, spices, and pork. The crunchy and tasty rolls are served with a side of rich peanut dipping sauce and fresh vegetables for wrapping.

We recommend getting this specialty food at Cha Ram Bap Nem Nuong Tan Long, which is famous for its flavorful and reasonably priced Ram Bắp.

Tip: For dinner, head to the restaurant before 7pm as Ram Bắp gets sold out easily.

A plate of Ram Bắp in Da Lat, Vietnam

4. Grilled Rice Paper

Location: Banh Trang Tron

Opening Times: 6pm to 12pm

Average Price: 25,000 VND (1 USD)

Bánh Tráng Nướng, also referred to as Vietnamese pizza, is probably the most popular Dalat street food. This rice paper snack is grilled on charcoal and served with a variety of toppings. Common toppings include eggs, pate, shrimp, cheese, and onions.

One of the best places to have it is at Banh Trang Tron, a small restaurant where the owners cook the pizzas in front of the shop. This location is popular among locals and tourists and can get quite busy, so expect a wait. The price of one grilled rice paper varies depending on the toppings you choose.

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A woman is making grilled rice paper in Da Lat, Vietnam.

5. Grilled Wild Chicken

Location: Quan Thung Lung Xanh

Opening Times: 6pm to 12pm

Average Price: 380,000 VND (15 USD)

One of Dalat's food delicacies and a local favorite is wild chicken. To get the most authentic experience, we recommend heading to Quan Thung Lung Xanh, located about 30 minutes drive from the center.

Apart from the wild chicken, you can also order plenty of other dishes, including pork and beef barbecue. We also recommend ordering cơm lam, which is rice cooked in bamboo. Dip it in crushed peanuts, and it is the perfect pair for wild chicken and BBQ.

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Grilled chicken in Dalat, Vietnam

6. Beef and Chicken Hotpot

With Dalat’s cooler temperature, one of the best dishes to try is a hotpot. Lucky for you, there’s no shortage of hotpot restaurants in the city.

Location: Quán Lẩu Bò Dìn

Opening Times: 9am to 10pm

Average Price: 250,000 VND (10 USD)

For beef hotpot, our friends took us to Quán Lẩu Bò Dìn located along Hoang Dieu Street. According to them, it is one of the best restaurants serving beef hotpots in the area, and we couldn’t agree more. The restaurant gets busy for dinner, so you might have to wait.

Location: Lau Ga La E

Opening Times: 8am to 10pm

Average Price: 300,000 VND (12 USD)

For a wild chicken hotpot in Dalat, head to Lau Ga La E. The dish has a flavorful broth and is served with sweet and sour bamboo shoots, mushrooms, and basil leaves. The restaurant is located on a small street, which can be challenging to find. Make sure you check the signage at the entrance located along Ba Thang Tu Street.

Looking for something unique to do in Dalat? Visit Cau Dat Tea Plantation, located around 20 kilometers from Dalat center.

A vegetable vendor at the market in Dalat, Vietnam

7. Traditional Food Set

Location: Bep 1985 Restaurant

Opening Times: 10am to 8pm

Average Price: 69,000 VND (3 USD)

If you are looking for a great atmosphere, good quality food, and reasonable prices, then head to Bep 1985 Restaurant. The restaurant serves typical family-style Vietnamese food sets, which change every day. A set consists of rice, 3 types of meat, soup, and a salad for sharing. The portion sizes and price depend on how many people are dining.

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Restaurant Bep 1985 in Da Lat, Vietnam

8. Vietnamese Mini Pancake

Location: Banh Can Co Chin

Opening Times: 6:30am to 6:30pm

Average Price: 30,000 VND (1 USD)

Bánh Căn is a savory Vietnamese pancake made with rice flour batter. It is prepared using a special clay mold and cooked in batches. After the batter is poured into the mold, scallions and quail eggs are typically added on top. For added flavor, you can also opt to add pork or seafood.

‍This popular snack is loved by many locals, and the best place to get it in Dalat is Banh Can Co Chin.

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Top down view of Banh Can on a blue table in Dalat

9. Local Barbecue

Location: Cửa Hàng Nướng Mậu Dịch

Opening Times: 4:30pm to 10:30pm

Average Price: 330,000 VND (13 USD)

Our favorite BBQ spot in Dalat is Cửa Hàng Nướng Mậu Dịch. The pricing for fresh meat is reasonable, and the portions are generous. They will also provide you with a hot stone for grilling.

The restaurant has a great atmosphere and is always busy, especially on weekends, so make your reservations in advance.

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Barbecue food at Cửa Hàng Nướng Mậu Dịch, Dalat
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And these are the 9 best foods you shouldn't miss in Dalat, Vietnam. We hope that you find this list helpful and that it inspires you to try some of Dalat's food specialties.

If you’re interested in visiting mountainous destinations like Dalat, consider heading to the northern region of Vietnam. Explore the stunning landscapes of Ha Giang or the remote villages of Cao Bang for a truly unique experience off the tourist trail.

Leave us a comment below if we missed anything.

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