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Experience the Peaceful Chuon Lagoon in Hue

May 12, 2024
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Chuon Lagoon in Hue seen from above
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Experience the Peaceful Chuon Lagoon in Hue
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May 20, 2024
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If you're looking for something unique to do in Hue besides visiting the imperial citadel, then this guide is for you!

After spending days wandering around the historic city, we decided to discover the countryside, full of hidden gems and incredible scenery. One of the places we visited was Chuon Lagoon (Đầm Chuồn Lagoon), a beautiful and serene landscape away from the crowds and best explored by boat.

So if you're tired of hopping from one historical building to the other and are looking for something off the beaten path, then plan your trip to Chuon Lagoon with this guide. We've included what to expect at the lagoon, best time to visit, and our recommended tours to book.

Let's discover the beauty that lies within Hue’s peaceful Chuon Lagoon!

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Chuon Lagoon Location

Chuon Lagoon is part of the Tam Giang Lagoon system, which is the largest lagoon in Southeast Asia. It is located near An Truyen village, Phu An commune, about 10 kilometers from Hue’s city center.

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How to Get to Chuon Lagoon

Getting to the Chuon Lagoon from Hue’s center is straightforward. You can rent a motorbike and follow the directions to Dam Chuong Wharf. The drive should take you around 25 minutes.

For convenience, you can hire a car with a driver for the day. The lagoon is out of the city and it may be difficult to call a taxi. Book your private driver in Hue here!

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Local woman preparing fishing nets on her boat on the serene shores of Chuon Lagoon in Hue, Vietnam

Best Tours to Book

The most convenient way to visit the Chuon Lagoon is to book a guided tour, which normally includes your transfer and the boat. Here are some tours you can book to explore the lagoon.

Best Time to Visit

While it is possible to visit Chuon Lagoon in Hue all year round, the best time is during the dry season, which normally lasts from March to August.

Additionally, to fully experience the beauty of the lagoon, we recommend visiting at sunrise or sunset. During these times, the lagoon reflects the orange hues of the sky. This creates a dramatic, mirror-like panorama of vibrant colors that is truly breathtaking to witness.

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Serene Chuon Lagoon at sunrise with pink skies reflecting on calm waters in Hue, Vietnam

What to Expect in Chuon Lagoon

While we acknowledge that each experience at the lagoon will vary depending on when you visit and weather conditions, here’s what to expect so you can plan accordingly.

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Traditional fishing boats docked at Chuon Lagoon's tranquil waters in Hue, Vietnam.

Morning Market

Visiting the Chuon Lagoon in the morning provides a unique view of local life in the fishing community.

With the first lights peeking through, the small pathway by the dock is dotted with local women crouched on the ground. Equipped with just a torch, they sell the catch of the day, which mostly consists of small fish, crabs, and shrimp. 

This small market is also where the wooden boats dock. In the morning, you’ll find fishermen coming back with their catch, docking one by one. 

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Local fisherman skillfully gliding across Chuon Lagoon at dusk in Hue, Vietnam.

Lagoon Pathway

Past the market and the wharf, a small pathway stretches on. It is lined on both sides with rows upon rows of nets tied to sticks. From afar, the nets resemble a vast maze that stretches as far as the eye can see. Here, you can walk around and enjoy the morning.

Traditional fishing boats dock at Chuon Lagoon in Hue, Vietnam

Boat Tour

To fully experience the Chuon Lagoon, you must get on a boat and glide along its calm waters to see it up close. You can observe local fishermen and their daily activities, or watch the beautiful colors of the sunrise or sunset.

Apart from photographers, the area is popular during the summer among local tourists who head to the restaurant in the middle of the lagoon. This is a "check-in point” where a poor replica of the Eiffel Tower stands tall, which locals like to take pictures with.

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Scenic view of Chuon Lagoon's vast expanse from a boat, surrounded by wooden stilts and nets in Hue, Vietnam.

Our Experience

We visited Chuon Lagoon on a cool and cloudy morning in February. It was the same week as the Tet holiday (Chinese New Year), so the lagoon was mostly empty. Apart from the fishermen, we were the only boat on the water, and there were no other tourists in sight.

After walking around, we boarded a small boat and cruised along the lagoon. Aside from that, we got to experience the local way of fishing in one of the confined netted sections in the waters.

As soon as we set the net in the water, we were instructed to hit the boat with wooden sticks. Apparently, fish are attracted to the sound, which lures them into the nets. So, we banged as loud as we could, though with little hope of it working.

Scenic view of Chuon Lagoon's vast expanse with its calm waters, nets, and huts in Hue, Vietnam.

Interesting enough, we caught three fish, and retrieving the net was exciting. In the end, our rower set them free. Probably to guarantee that other tourists could also experience catching fish with this method.

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And that’s a quick guide to visiting the Chuon Lagoon in Hue!

We hope this guide was helpful and inspired you to explore more of Hue's countryside.

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If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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