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6 Coffee Shops in Dalat You Have to Visit in 2022

March 4, 2022
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La Mappa coffee shop in Da Lat, Vietnam.
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6 Coffee Shops in Dalat You Have to Visit in 2022
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October 20, 2023
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Explore some of the best cafes in Dalat that not only have great coffee but incredible interiors and amazing views as well. With the abundance of cafes available in the hill city, deciding where to go can be time-consuming. 

So whether you want to fuel up in the morning or just want to enjoy a relaxing day sipping coffee with friends, there’s something for everyone. From beloved cabin-style cafes to no-nonsense roasteries and cozy coffee shops, these are our 6 top picks for where to find the best coffee in Dalat Vietnam.

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1. In The Forest

In The Forest is tucked away in the middle of Dalat’s pine forest where you’ll have to drive through bumpy roads to get to - but is worth searching for. The surrounding greenness, chilly weather, and cabin-style decor make this cafe so relaxing and peaceful.  At just about 15 minutes drive from the city center, this is the perfect place to enjoy Dalat’s view or have plenty of space to hang out with friends. The scenic views of the pine trees, cute dogs, and its homey setting make you feel comfortable as soon as you step foot in it. Apart from coffee and tea, they also have delicious food and we recommend trying out their sausage platter. Whether you stop by for a delicious lunch or an afternoon break, In The Forest is a café you just can’t miss.

In The Forest coffee shop in Da Lat, Vietnam

2. La Mappa Café & Bistro

Looking for a good cappuccino or a flavorful Vietnamese coffee in a hip space where you can escape the tourist crowds? Look no further than La Mappa Café & Bistro along Đường Triệu Việt Vương street. While this coffee shop might not have a mountain view, it is the epitome of coziness and comfort that is very inviting. The atmosphere is cozy with warm lighting, a beautiful patio, and the cafe has a laid-back vibe suitable for working or relaxing. They also have a good selection of delicious and well-priced food available for lunch and dinner. 

La Mappa Café & Bistro

3. Maiday Coffee & Brewski

There are three things that everyone loves at this cozy place; its home-brewed ginger beer, quiet atmosphere, and its -always smiling- owner, Mai. If you’re looking for a cafe with delicious coffee and a cozy atmosphere, then Maiday Coffee & Brewski is for you. The laid-back atmosphere makes this place so inviting that you will find yourself spending your day just sipping coffee and reading your favorite book in the corner. Some of the items you must try from the menu are the flavorful home-brewed ginger beer and the salted caramel latte, which are set at very reasonable prices.

The coffee shop is located on a street corner below Chai Bo Boutique homestay, which was where we stayed during our trip. Not only was it convenient for us to get our coffees at Maiday but we loved waking up to the smell of roasted coffee every morning. 

Maiday Coffee Shop

4. Phía Tây Mặt Trời

This stunning cafe with beautiful tall glass windows overlooking the pine trees and lush mountains of Dalat is straight out of your Instagram feed. Phía Tây Mặt Trời’s minimalistic interior is airy and bright with plenty of green plants bringing nature into the indoor spaces. It is a great place to start your day sipping one of their specialty coffees while appreciating the view from their spacious terrace. The slow pace is perfect for anyone looking for a relaxing cafe with an atmosphere that can’t be beaten.

Phía Tây Mặt Trời coffee shop in Da Lat, Vietnam

5. Cheo Veooo

Cheo Veooo is a small, friendly, and laid-back place with reasonable prices, perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee with the scenic views of the mountains. The ambiance here is relaxing enough that it begs you to sit by the terrace, crack open a good book, and enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee. As this is also the perfect place to catch the sunset in Dalat, try to head there early in the afternoon to get the best table by the terrace. 

Cheo Veooo coffee shop in Da Lat, Vietnam.

6. Túi Mơ To

Túi Mơ To is a lovely coffee shop situated up the hill not far from the city center. Most people come here for the view and get their photos taken in their outdoor garden. The atmosphere is also cozy with many corners you can sit at and enjoy their great selection of beverages. At night, you can view Dalat from above as it sparkles with the light from the expansive greenhouses. We recommend visiting early in the morning or at night as it tends to get quite busy with local tourists during the day. The string lights, wooden furniture, and overgrown green plants all come together to set this place up to be very romantic.

Túi Mơ To coffee shop in Da Lat, Vietnam

If you’re in the mood for some food, head to their newly opened restaurant next door called Túi Mơ To Garden. They serve a great selection of barbecues and seafood for a reasonable price. It also has a romantic setting and the decor is lovely and full of details, which makes the restaurant even more appealing. 

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And that is our quick guide to the best coffee shops in Dalat. 

There is nothing better than wrapping your hands around a hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning in the mountains! Whatever your preferences are, Dalat has an abundance of coffee shops to accommodate all tastes and needs! 

Tell us in the comments below if we’ve missed something as we would love to check it out on our next visit to Dalat.

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