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Mekong Delta by Motorbike: 4 Day Itinerary

December 2, 2023
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A boat in Tram Chim National Park in Vietnam
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Mekong Delta by Motorbike: 4 Day Itinerary
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December 2, 2023
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Looking to discover the Mekong Delta beyond the famous floating markets and other popular tourist spots?

Here is our 4-day motorbike itinerary that will take you through the hidden gems of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. 

From endless rice fields to beautifully decorated temples and charming villages, this 4-day Mekong Delta motorbike route promises an off-the-beaten-track experience.

In this Mekong Delta itinerary, we'll share our firsthand insights and recommendations, including the best route, where to stay, top attractions to visit, and many insider tips. So if you're ready to explore a side of Vietnam that few tourists get to see, keep reading!

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Mekong Delta Motorbike Route Map

Here is a map of the Mekong Delta Motorbike itinerary starting and ending in Ho Chi Minh City. 

Mekong Delta 4-Day Motorbike Route Map

Mekong Motorbike Itinerary from Ho Chi Minh City

The Mekong Delta is one of the most diverse parts of Vietnam. The many rivers, swamps, and islands make it an area filled with life that is concentrated on the water. The Delta is scattered with floating markets, endless rice paddies, undiscovered temples, and lakes covered in water lilies.

As most tours only take you to Can Tho and the Cai Rang floating market, we would like to show you that there is more to Mekong than just Can Tho City. And what better way to explore this vast Delta region than by motorbike?

On this 4-day Mekong Delta Motorbike Route, you will begin and end in Ho Chi Minh City. We’ve included everything you need to know to complete this route. From what to expect daily, where to stay, the best spots to stop, and many tips!

A man rowing on a wooden boat next to river plants

Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City to Long Xuyen

Driving Distance: 187km

Route: Ho Chi Minh City - Dinh Yen - Long Xuyen

Start your day as early as you can to avoid traffic jams in Ho Chi Minh City. There’s not much to see on the way so focus on getting out of the city and head to Long Xuyen.

A woman wearing a nonla rowing a small wooden boat in the middle of lotus leaves

We recommend taking the DT822 from Ho Chi Minh City as you’ll drive through more rice fields and nature on this road. There are also a few pagodas you can visit on the way. You can stop by Phuoc Loc Tho Ancient Village, an old Vietnamese house, to get a glimpse into life in the past. The entrance fee is about 2 USD.

After the ancient village, you can take the expressway (CT02) heading to Tuyen Nhon market. This is a great spot to check out the typical waterways of the Mekong. The market by the river has lots of blue sampan boats, which make for a beautiful sight. Find a coffee shop or a local restaurant around the area to take a rest.

After the market, make your way to Dinh Yen mat village in Dong Thap Province.

Most of the families in this village are involved in the mat weaving craft. You’ll find countless colorful straws hanging around the village drying under the sun. Apart from the straws drying, you’ll hear sounds of weaving machines echoing in the streets.

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A woman wearing a conical hat in front of colorful straw and a mat weaving machine

From the Dinh Yen village, cross the Hau River to Long Xuyen. This small city is the capital of the An Giang province and is a great place to end your first day.

There are two areas where most of the accommodations are located in Long Xuyen - My Binh Ward and My Long Ward

Canton Assembly Hall in Long Xuyen, An Giang

During our visit, we stayed at La Homestay, which is located a bit further from the main town. We recommend staying here as it’s located in a quiet neighborhood and is about 5 minutes walk from the floating village. Find all Long Xuyen accommodations here!

In the afternoon, drive around Long Xuyen and discover the city. Visit the Long Xuyen market located next to the river. It is the biggest wholesale market in An Giang province and one of the most popular things to do in Long Xuyen. 

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A woman sitting next to her cart full of mangoes in Chau Doc

Day 2: Long Xuyen to Sam Mountain

Driving Distance: 133km

Route: Long Xuyen - Oc Eo - Tri Ton - Sam Mountain

This is the busiest day of this Mekong Delta motorbike route, packed with beautiful temples and pagodas to visit. In addition, you will be driving past endless rice fields, making this one of the most scenic drives on this itinerary.

Aerial view of Ta Pa temple in Tri ton, An Giang.

Start your day by visiting the Long Xuyen floating market in the morning. The best time to visit is before sunrise, so arrange your boat tour the day before. We recommend organizing your trip with La Homestay.

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Tip: Try the rice noodles with stir-fried pork, a typical breakfast meal for the river's residents.

A woman rowing a wooden boat in Long Xuyen Floating Market

If you want to relax before starting today’s drive, we recommend heading to Mec Coffee for a coffee fix. Otherwise, get on the road and head to Núi Sập town to visit the temples in the area.

First stop is Trúc Lâm An Giang Zen Monastery. It is one of the five largest monasteries in the South of Vietnam. Another temple you can stop by in the area is the Ba Chua Xu Temple, perched on top of a massive boulder, which makes it a very interesting sight to see. 

A small gazebo in the middle of a man made lake and cliffs in Truc lam Zen Monastery

After Nui Sap town, head next to Óc Eo town where you can find the Ba The Temple, one of the most beautiful temples we’ve seen in An Giang Province. 

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A golden pagoda inside the Ba The Temple in An Giang province.

Then continue on to Tri Tôn, which is known for its beautiful temples and acres upon acres of rice fields. Climb the steep steps of Ta Pa Temple set on a mountainside to experience the stunning architecture as well as panoramic views of the town. 

Tip: We recommend having lunch at the center before exploring the area. Head to Quán Ăn Hẻm 12 for delicious local food for an affordable price. 

A man with a cow in the middle of the rice fields with palm trees in the background.

From Tri Ton, enjoy the long and beautiful ride to Sam Mountain. Keep an eye out for the famous An Giang sausages on the way! 

A woman wearing a conical hat smiling as she takes out sausages in An giang province

We recommend staying at Victoria Núi Sam Lodge for the best location and views. We recommend booking in advance as it gets filled up quickly, especially on holidays. However, there are few basic accommodations located at the foot of Sam Mountain. Find all accommodations on Sam Mountain here!

Day 3: Sam Mountain to Tram Chim

Driving Distance: 100km

Route: Sam Mountain - Tra Su - Chau Doc - Tram Chin

Start your day exploring the temples on Sam Mountain, the highest mountain in the Mekong Delta. Apart from the beautiful pagodas, Sam Mountain also offers some of the most spectacular views of the An Giang province. 

Hang Pagoda on Sam Mountain, Vietnam

Our favorite pagoda is the Hang Pagoda, also known as the Phuoc Dien Temple. Read our guide to visiting Sam Mountain and make the most of your time. 

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A monk standing in front of the Hang Pagoda in Sam Mountain

After Sam Mountain, you’ll backtrack a little and drive to Tra Su Cajuput Forest, one of the most impressive places to visit in the An Giang region. 

If you visit during the flooding season, you’ll be able to witness the entire mangrove submerged in water and duckweed blankets the entire forest. There are few restaurants located inside where you can eat lunch. 

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Tip: We recommend trying out the Ban Xeo, a crispy stuffed rice pancake cooked in a hot skillet. 

A woman wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat rowing in the middle of Tra Su Cajuput forest in An giang.

Drive next to Chau Doc town and visit the market, famous for its fermented fish products and dried seafood. You can also try local delicacies outside the market for sampling or buy some snacks for the road. 

A busy market in Chu Doc with women selling fermented fish and dried seafood.
A woman wearing a Nonla selling banana as a street food.

After the market, take the ferry to the island where Cham village is located. Drive through the villages and see the Cham people's traditional crafts and practices.


During our visit, a local guided us to this location where they showed us their weaving practices. You can also buy woven crafts such as bags and scarves for souvenirs at an affordable price! 


A Cham woman weaving in a Cham village in Chau Doc

Additionally, you can visit a few mosques, such as the Mubarak Mosque and Masjid Jamiul Azhar, both very close to the ferry port. 

Masjid Jamiul Azhar in Chau Doc, Vietnam

Drive to Cho Vam ferries - An Hoa to get the ferry to Tram Chim for less than a dollar. The drive to the ferry consists of endless rice fields and more rural settings. 

Tip: You won’t find many restaurants so keep an eye out for small stores that have a food stall on the side of the road.  

A road in the middle of the golden rice fields of An Giang Province in Vietnam

After the short ferry ride, you’ll get into Dong Thap Province. The province is famous for its dried fish so you’ll see rows and rows of fish drying under the sun as you drive to Tram Chim. 

An aerial view of the fish drying on racks in Dong Thap Province

Because the national park is the main attraction in Tram Chim, there are a few places to stay near its entrance. We recommend staying at Việt Mekong Farmstay for a more authentic experience. The serene setting and kind owners make this property worth a stop while in Tram Chim. Find all Tram Chim accommodations here!

Day 4: Tram Chim to Ho Chi Minh City

Driving Distance: 135km

Route: Tram Chim - Ho Chi Minh City

Start your day with breakfast at the farm stay. Their sticky rice among others they serve is a must-try!

A wooden bungalow in a farmstay in Tram Chin

After breakfast, head to Tram Chim National Park and take a boat tour to discover the park and its biodiversity. There’s an entrance fee of around 1 USD per adult and it's free for children under 16 years old.  

From the welcome area, you’ll have to walk a bit to get to the starting point of the boat tour or you can take the electric car for 2 USD both ways. There are few options for the boat tour depending on how long the route is ranging from 20 to 30 USD.

A boat doc with three boats in Tram Chin National Park

After the boat trip, we recommend driving along DT844 to Phu Tho Village, the oldest and most distinctive fish drying village in the Mekong. 

In this village, you’ll find locals, mostly women, setting out the fish to dry on the streets in the morning. It's an interesting sight as they skillfully arrange the fish on bamboo racks, taking advantage of the sun and wind to dry them perfectly. 

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An elderly woman wearing a traditional Vietnamese hat as she smiles at the camera

Head back to the homestay for lunch and start your drive to Ho Chi Minh City in the afternoon. From Tram Chin, the drive should take you about 3.5 hours.

An aerial view of a farmstay in Tram Chin inthe middle of the rice paddies

Looking for places to stay in Ho Chi Minh? Here are the most popular accommodations you can book!

Top Mekong Delta Motorbike Tips

1. Find a Reputable Rental Company: We recommend renting at least a 150cc motorbike to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Rent your motorbike here!

A man riding a motorbike surrounded by trees and rice fields

2. Pack Light: Pack only the things you really need and keep your luggage light so that it's easier to carry on your motorbike and doesn't slow you down.

3. Prepare Proper Motorbike Gear: Make sure you wear the right protective gear like a helmet and sturdy shoes for safety while riding.

4. Have Your Motorbike Documents Ready: Bring important papers like your driver's license, motorbike registration, and any required permits to avoid any legal issues during your trip.

A morning view of the houses on stilts in Chau Doc next to the river and the sun rising

5. Buy Travel Insurance: Get travel insurance in case of unexpected accidents, illness, or problems while traveling. Buy your travel insurance at Heymondo today and get 5% off for being our reader!

6. Plan Ahead: Before you leave, it's a good idea to book your accommodation in advance, especially during holidays or high season.

7. Check the Weather: Before you start your journey, always look at the weather forecast to be ready for rain or extreme conditions. If you’re traveling during the wet season, make sure to pack high quality rain gear. 

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A winding road in the middle of the rice paddies in Tri Ton, An Giang.
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As you travel through the Mekong Delta region with this 4-day motorbike itinerary, take in the beautiful scenery and charming villages along the way. 

We are confident that you will have an unforgettable experience, just as we did! 

If you’re looking for more comprehensive motorbike itineraries in Vietnam, check out our Ha Giang Motorbike Loop and Northwest Motorbike trip

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below!

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