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The Timeless Art of Mat Weaving in Dinh Yen Village

May 1, 2023
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A woman weaves colorful mats in Vietnam

Mats are not only functional but also carry cultural significance in Vietnam. They serve a variety of purposes, including sleeping, eating, and sitting in homes and places of worship. Additionally, they are often used as gifts for special occasions and are considered a symbol of hospitality and warmth.


Dinh Yen, a small town in Vietnam's Dong Thap province, is well known for its mat weaving. In this village, more than 70 percent of the households are involved in the mat weaving craft.

A woman weaves colorful mats in Vietnam

For over 100 years, locals in Dinh Yen have been honing their skills in traditional mat weaving techniques. The mat weaving tradition has been passed down from generation to generation, making it an important part of the town's cultural heritage. 

Dinh Yen Mat Weaving Village was recognized as an Intangible National Heritage by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in 2013.  

Visiting the small village, you'll see the colorful straws drying on the street in hues of purple, red, green, and yellow. You'll also witness mats with intricate designs laid out on the streets to dry. If you drive around the commune, you'll hear the sound of weaving looms echoing. 

These mats are made from natural materials such as sedge and are not only eco-friendly but also more durable than other commercial mats. The weavers in the area take pride in their work, and the mats are not only functional but also beautiful works of art.

A woman weaves colorful mats in Vietnam
A woman weaves colorful mats in Vietnam

In Dinh Yen, the weaving of sedge mats is done meticulously and carefully. The mat weavers choose the sedge plants very carefully. They are then separated into threads that cannot be too large or too soft. 

After sorting, the threads are sun-dried to improve their durability. The threads are dyed in different colors and dried in the sun again before the weaving process begins. After weaving, the mats are laid out in the sun to dry completely. 

More and more people in the area use machines in order to increase their productivity. While it is not uncommon to see elderly people weaving by hand, a common concern in the village is the lack of interest in the craft among the younger generation. This shift towards machine-made products threatens the preservation of traditional crafts and cultural heritage. 

A woman dyes mats in Vietnam

It's important to value these kinds of traditional crafts so that the younger generation will continue to keep this beautiful culture alive. Additionally, purchasing these mats supports the local economy and helps preserve traditional weaving techniques.


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