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Discovering the Culture and Beauty of Mui Ne Fishing Village

May 22, 2023
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A woman wearing a Non La at Mui Ne beach, Vietnam

The vibrant markets are among the most fascinating places to visit in Vietnam, and the Mui Ne fishing village in the southern region is no exception.

Apart from the breathtaking sight of colorful boats lined up on the horizon that appear to glow in the sunlight, the chaos, smell, and everything in between make exploring Mui Ne such an unforgettable experience.

Mui Ne fishing market seen from above

The scenes at Mui Ne fishing village are like a choreographed dance, and everything is on cue.

In the early mornings, the fishermen's wives wait patiently by the shore for the colorful basket boats to arrive. Alongside them are other women of all ages chattering away amongst themselves on the side.

Three women wearing Non La's wait at the beach in Mui Ne, Vietnam

From buyers, seafood vendors, restaurant owners, and middlemen who distribute the seafood to the rest of the city, everyone is patiently waiting to get the best deals and freshest catches of the day.

By six o’clock in the morning, the fishing village comes to life, with the movements of the villagers perfectly synchronized with each other. The echoes of women hurrying down the steps, along with the sound of waves and the gentle thud of boats docking by the shore signal the start of another busy day.

Fishermen come to shore with their boats and catch.

From there, the wives take over with their hands moving quickly as they wash and separate the fish by size and type. The others rush in search of the baskets and basins of seafood placed along the beach for the freshest varieties to buy.

Women sort the catch of the day in Mui Ne, Vietnam
Women sort the catch of the day in Mui Ne, Vietnam

By ten o’clock in the morning, the fishing village quiets down. Few women remain, selling the last of the seafood to anyone who shows up late, as if the commotion never occurred. The plastic bags and seafood scraps left by the beach, however, reveal the morning mayhem in the fishing village. 

In the afternoon, the fishing village is deserted, with a few fishermen mending their nets and cleaning their boats in preparation for the night. The dance repeats again the next day.

A woman wearing a Non La leans on a fishers-boat

Observing a fishing village closely reveals that each day offers a unique experience. Some days, the market is slow, while other days it is fast-paced, and it solely depends on the ocean and the daily catch.

Regardless of the pace, the movement at the fishing village is always a celebration of the sea and the livelihood it provides for the local community in Mui Ne.

During days when the market is at its most energetic, you’ll hear  an exciting noise emanating from the village, indicating a successful catch the previous night. Despite the obvious weariness on their faces, fishermen return to shore with a smile, and everyone else moves out of their way to make room for the catch. 

A fisherman arrives at shore with a net full of crab.

Filling multiple buckets of seafood, which are then promptly loaded into large plastic bags, weighed, and sold as soon as they arrive on the shore. The transactions in the village are organized and swift, with each person performing their own role. 

A man sits on his motorbike packed with bags full of crab

Amidst all the clamor of haggling, trading, and vendors calling out to attract buyers, what makes the fishing market fascinating is the clear sense of energy and excitement filling the air. This adds to the organized chaos of the bustling marketplace, which is an incredible sight to see and truly captures the essence of the culture and way of life of the people in Mui Ne.  

Colorful boats scattered across the coast in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Although Mui Ne is a popular destination in Vietnam, the locals stick to their early morning routine before the tourists arrive. As a result, their traditional way of doing things has not changed to cater to the demands of visitors. 

Exploring traditional markets such as the Mui Ne fishing village in Phan Thiet is an incredible experience because it provides a glimpse into a way of life that has remained largely unchanged over the years. It also serves as a constant reminder of the world's beauty and diversity.


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