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Visit Lovatnet Lake in Norway: Everything You Need to know

April 5, 2024
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Lake Lovatnet in Norway seen from above
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Visit Lovatnet Lake in Norway: Everything You Need to know
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April 5, 2024
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Are you planning a trip to Norway soon? 

Head to Lovatnet lake where you can find some of the most scenic, colorful and beautiful landscapes in Norway. 

This guide contains all of the most up-to-date information for first-time visitors to Lovatnet Lake. We've included the best ways to get to the lake, the best time to visit, where to stay, activities to do, and much more! 

Read about our experience and why we think Lovatnet Lake should be included in every Norway itinerary!

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Lovatnet Lake Overview

Lovatnet Lake, also known as Lake Loen, is a glacial lake that has multiple streams from the Jostedalsbreen and Tindefjellbreen glaciers. The water drains at Loelva river to the Nordfjorden. It is 10 square km in size, 11km long, and 52m above sea level.


Lovatnet is widely recognized for its bright blue waters, surrounded by high cliffs, making it one of the most beautiful places you have to visit in Norway!


Compared to other parts of Norway that can be extremely touristy and crowded, particularly during the busy summer months, Lovatnet Lake stands out for its tranquility. 

Lake Lovatnet in Norway seen from above

Where is Lovatnet Lake

Lovatnet Lake is located in Stryn Municipality, around 2 kilometers away from the village of Loen in Norway.

Brief History

Apart from Lovatnet Lake’s breathtaking beauty, it is also known for its tragic history. 

Between 1900 and 1950, several rock slides from the mountain Ramnefjellet fell into the calm water of the Lovatnet lake, causing deadly tsunami waves that killed many people and damaged the surrounding areas.

Lake Lovatnet in Norway seen from above

Is it Safe to Visit Lovatnet Lake

With today's advanced technology, warning systems are now in place, making Lovatnet Lake a relatively safe place to visit while in Norway.

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Lake Lovatnet in Norway surrounded by mountains and waterfalls

How to Get to Lovatnet Lake

Car: The easiest way to reach Lovatnet Lake is to rent a car. You can rent one at Alesund Airport and drive to Lovatnet Lake, which takes around 3 hours. Rent a car in advance.

Most ferries operate on a regular basis. Check the updated schedules at frammr.no.

Note: The road along the lake is narrow. Be careful and be prepared to reverse on a tight and winding road.

Lake Lovatnet in Norway seen from above

Bus: You can also take the public bus from Alesund Airport to Stryn. However, there is no direct bus and you will have to transfer, which would take approximately 4.5 hours.

Take the FB65 bus from Alesund airport to Moa trafikkterminal, then the 110 bus to Stryn rutebilstasjon. Lovatnet is about a 20-minute drive away from here.

Check the updated bus schedules at skyss.no.

A red church in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Best Time to Visit Lovatnet Lake

For the best weather conditions, visit Lovatnet Lake during the summer months, from June to August

During this time, you will be able to see the lake's stunning bright blue waters, which look surreal. This is also the busiest time in Lovatnet lake, so if you're planning to camp, head there early to secure a great spot closer to the water. 

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Tip: The weather can be unpredictable, so check the forecast at yr.no.

Lake Lovatnet in Norway seen from above

Where to Stay Near Lovatnet Lake

The closest village to the lake is Loen. Here are the best places to stay in Loen if you’re not camping around the lake. 

Things to Do in Lovatnet Lake

There are plenty of things you can do in Loen Lake, whether you’re visiting for the day or doing an overnight stay. Aside from visiting the lake and swimming, here is a list of the best activities you can include in your itinerary.

Lake Lovatnet in Norway surrounded by mountains and waterfalls


You’ll find a few campsites along the road, but one of the best places to camp in Lovatnet is at Sande Camping. There’s plenty of parking and space to put up a tent directly by the lake. Additionally, toilets and showers are available in the property. 

For a more comfortable stay, you can also rent a cabin. Find more information at Sande Camping website

Wooden houses with mountains in the background in Norway


Another great activity you can do is to rent a kayak and paddle down the Loen Lake. It’s a great way to experience the stunning lake from a new perspective! 

You can rent a kayak from any of the campsites surrounding the lake. Alternatively, you can join guided tours by Loen Active almost all year round.

A boat on Lake Lovatnet in Norway surrounded by mountains

Boat Tour

If kayaking is not your thing, you can always join a boat tour and experience the Lodalen valley and the surrounding nature. The boat trip lasts around 4 hours and is also a great way to see the Ramnefjell and Utigardsfossen.

For updated prices and booking, find more information at MS Kjenndal II.

Loen Skylift 

To get some of the best views of Lovatnet Lake, get on a cable car at the Loen skylift to get to the top of Mount Hoven. You’ll not only get a panoramic view of the lake but also Mt. Skala and the Nordfjord. 

Find the updated prices and book in advance at loenskylift.com.

Lake Lovatnet in Norway surrounded by mountains and waterfalls

Our Experience at Lovatnet Lake

We visited lake Lovatnet in July. Even though we visited in the middle of the summer, we were still met by cloudy skies. This, however, made the scenery not less spectacular. 

As lake Lovatnet lay on our route, we arrived there around lunch time. We drove our car to the side of the lake and enjoyed a delicious lunch by the water. Surrounded only by nature and a few local fishermen. 

We decided to continue our way after lunch and set up camp near the Briksdalsbreen Glacier, so we didn’t get the full Lovatnet Experience. But what stood out the most to us was the tranquility of the area.

Lake Lovatnet in Norway seen from above

Is Lovatnet Lake Worth Visiting?

If you plan on visiting this area of Norway, you have to make sure to visit Lovatnet Lake! The combination with nearby destinations such as Briksdalsbreen glacier make it a great place to enjoy your time in Norway.

Keep in mind however, that Norway has plenty of beautiful lakes to offer, Lovatnet is just one of them. When you plan your Norway trip, make sure to visit one of these phenomenal lakes that fit in your itinerary.

Are you ready to visit Norway? Read our quick guide to Norway’s tourist visa and start planning your trip today!
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Pulpit rock in Norway seen from above
People walk on a path near Briksdalsbreen Glacier in Norway
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And that’s the guide to visiting Lovatnet Lake in Norway. 

Whether you view the lake from above, take a boat, or simply enjoy the view from the shore, Lovatnet Lake offers an incredible experience that will live long in your memory, as it has for us.

Have you visited Lovatnet Lake? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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