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Lao Xa Village: Ha Giang’s Hidden Gem

April 1, 2023
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A man holds a baby on his back in Lao Xa Village, Vietnam
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Lao Xa Village: Ha Giang’s Hidden Gem
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February 25, 2024
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Looking for the best village to stay in along the Ha Giang Loop?

You've come to the right place, because we've just returned from one of the most incredible places we've stayed at in Ha Giang - the Lao Xa Village!


Visiting the Lao Xa Village is an amazing experience that not many know about. Find out more on how you can explore the village as part of your Ha Giang Loop in this short guide. 

We've included how to get there, where to stay, and best things to do to make sure you get the most out of your visit!

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Overview of Lao Xa Village

Lao Xa is a small, mountain village located on the Dong Van rock plateau in northern Vietnam. It is home to the Hmong ethnic group and the stunning natural scenery surrounding the village is also a sight to behold.

A yellow house build of clay in northern Vietnam

As the Ha Giang Loop becomes more popular, finding quiet villages to stay in becomes increasingly difficult. Fortunately, Lao Xa village remains peaceful because it is not on the usual route and thus remains off the radar for most loop tours.

Staying at the Lao Xa village will add to your experience by allowing you to get off the beaten path and truly immerse yourself in Vietnam's unique culture, scenery, and history.

Have you decided on your Ha Giang Loop itinerary? Read our 4 day Ha Giang route, which includes a stopover in Lao Xa village.

Lush landscape with a winding road in Vietnam

Transportation Options

Motorbike: For those doing the Ha Giang Loop on a motorbike, a stopover in Lao Xa village should be on your list. Though not as popular as the other villages in the loop, Lao Xao offers a more authentic experience if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Car: You can also get to the village by car, but keep in mind that the roads are narrow and can be a challenge, especially if two cars are coming from opposite directions. It's best to hire a local driver who is familiar with the roads and terrain.

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A man and a woman ride a motorbike and transport grass.

Directions to the Village

From Ha Giang City, take the QL4C road towards Sủng Là in Đồng Văn District. When you reach this off-route road on the right, drive up this narrow road for around 4 km until you reach the small village of Lao Xa.

Where to Stay

Nhà Cổ Lao Xa Homestay is the only homestay available in Lao Xa village. This provides you with an authentic and exclusive experience of living with the H'mong family, enjoying traditional meals together, and participating in their daily activities.


Tip: Nhà Cổ Lao Xa Homestay gets booked fast, so reserve early. Find rates and availabilities here

A gate build of wood with corn cobs hanging on it.
A traditional sewing machine

Things to Do

1. Discover the Village

Immerse yourself in the local culture by walking around the village and seeing the traditional H'mong houses. The village does not get many tourists, so you may get some curious looks. But don't forget to smile and interact with the friendly locals and learn about their way of life.


The Lao Xa Village was overflowing with cabbage when we visited in October. The locals make excellent use of the available space, whether it be in the cracks of the nearby rocky hills or on the sides of the roads. 

A landscape scattered with rocks and cabbages.

Locals tending to their lands or carrying baskets full of fresh cabbage are common sights when walking around the village. The fertile soil and favorable climate of the region make it an ideal place for growing cabbage.

Bird eye view of a small village in North Vietnam

2. Visit the Silversmith

Don't miss the opportunity to witness the artistry firsthand. Stop by the silversmith, located in the northern part of the village, about 15 minutes' walk from the homestay. 

Check out how they make intricate and one-of-a-kind pieces using traditional methods that have been passed down for generations. You can buy unique pieces of jewelry for an affordable price. Otherwise, the locals will be happy to let you watch as they work.


A silversmith makes a ring

3. Spend Time with the Local Children

Playing with the local kids is a great way to learn more about their culture and lifestyle. It can also be a fun and rewarding experience for both you and the children. Just be sure to respect their customs and traditions while you're there.


During our visit, we found most of the children playing around the silversmith toward sunset. From card games to other activities, the children's laughter filled the air easily.


Two boys smile at the camera, next to them lies a dog.

4. Join the Family Dinner

Since there is only one homestay, there are no other options for dinner available in the village. However, the H'mong family dinner should not be missed and is an experience on its own.


The host family prepares authentic dishes such as smoked meat, various vegetables, and rice wine. It's a great time to enjoy delicious food and to get to know other travelers staying at the homestay.


People wearing traditional clothes in Northern Vietnam

5. Listen to Traditional H'mong Music.

The Hmong people have a rich cultural heritage that they love to share with others. Apart from the delicious meal, the hosts will play some music using traditional instruments such as the qeej or H'mong flute. Their music and dance are not only entertaining but also serve as a way to preserve their traditions and pass them down to future generations.


While walking around the village, we were also able to listen to some traditional H'mong music. A young boy performed a snippet for us that was more impressive than entertaining.


A young boy plays a traditional Hmong flute.

6. Explore the Pho Cao Ethnic Market

The Pho Cao ethnic market is a vibrant and bustling marketplace that is unique to the northern region. What makes it special is that the market does not have a set date like other local markets. It happens every six days, and only the locals know the exact date.


Tip: Ask the host about the actual date of the market and visit early in the morning.

This makes the market even more exciting and special, since you can only find out about it through word of mouth or from a local. It also allows for a more authentic experience, as the market is not tailored towards tourists.


The market offers a wide variety of unique and exotic goods, with many stalls selling everything from traditional clothing to local delicacies.

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People buy colorful linen at a market in Vietnam
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And that’s the guide to visiting Lao Xa village in Ha Giang! 


From its stunning mountainous landscape to its friendly locals, Lao Xa village is the ideal place to spend a day or two of your Ha Giang loop. 


Let us know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

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