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Staying at Lang Go Co: Sa Huynh’s Hidden Treasure

April 9, 2024
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An old blue house in Lang Go Co village, Vietnam
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Staying at Lang Go Co: Sa Huynh’s Hidden Treasure
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April 21, 2024
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Vietnam's rich cultural traditions can be found everywhere, from bustling cities like Hanoi and Da Nang to the historic old town of Hoi An.

But beyond these well-known tourist sites lie unknown communities with some of the most stunning landscapes and the warmest welcome from residents.

Vietnam has plenty of these villages that, despite the difficult journey to reach, provide a much more rewarding experience. One that stands out is the remote Go Co village in Quang Ngai Province which promotes community based tourism.

Discover more about Go Co village (Lang Go Co), including what sets it apart, why you should visit, and how it has become one of our favorite villages in Vietnam.

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Where is Lang Go Co

The small village of Go Co is located at the southern tip of Quang Ngai Province, near the more well-known Sa Huynh beach and Sa Huynh salt fields.

As most visitors to the area travel by motorbike or car en route to Quang Ngai or Quy Nhon, Sa Huynh serves as a convenient rest stop. So, if you're seeking accommodation for the night in the area, Lang Go Co is an excellent choice!

Lang Go Co in Vietnam seen from above

The village is nestled on a rocky coastal hill and was once home to the Cham people.

With approximately 83 households, Lang Go Co has recently launched a community-based tourism initiative, offering homestays and authentic experiences to tourists.

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Fishermen on boats near Lang Go Co, Vietnam

Lang Go Co Community-Based Tourism

Lang Go Co takes pride in its community-based tourism model. This charming Vietnamese village encourages sustainable tourism which benefits the local community while providing a more authentic experience and a better understanding of the local culture.

Local residents offer homestays and organize their own activities for tourists, such as cooking and fishing. This not only encourages unity within the entire community but also provides extra income to local residents.

Additionally, the initiative protects the natural resources of the community and preserves its culture, which holds significant heritage value.

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An old house in Lang Go Co next to the ocean

Staying at Go Co Village in Vietnam

Perched on top of a mountain, the way to the village involves navigating narrow roads and passing by a few graveyards.

With the big signage at the entrance welcoming you, the road becomes narrower and cars cannot pass through. From here, you have to go on foot to reach your homestay.

As you make your way through the village, you'll come across numerous homestays nestled among local homes. They are constructed with mud walls, straw roofs, and bamboo doors and windows.

The homestays are all built to the same standard: basic yet equipped with all the necessities to ensure a comfortable stay. Each homestay features a resting area in front, furnished with tables, chairs, and even hammocks.

A traditional Vietnamese house with bamboo windows.

While each has its own unique charm, one thing the homestays have in common is the welcoming hosts with a goal to ensure that you feel as comfortable as possible. Despite the language barriers, they try their best to communicate using Google Translate.

All meals are prepared by the hosts, featuring rustic dishes centered around seafood. Ingredients are often freshly harvested from the garden or sourced locally, with seafood dependent on the season and weather conditions.

A local homestay in Lang Go Co, Vietnam

Roam around the narrow roads of the village and keep an eye out for the charming old houses. They have unique blue and yellow facades that make the colorful flowers in the yards stand out. Some dating back to as early as the 1970’s.

The friendliness within the community is almost tangible. As you walk around, the locals pause their activities to greet you with friendly smiles. This creates a lasting impression of the warmth of the people in the village.

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A wooden sign hanging on an overgrown fence.

Our Experience

We stumbled upon Lang Go Co in quite a dramatic manner.

Initially, we had booked a hotel in Sa Huynh with the intention of visiting the nearby salt fields. Our plans fell through when our hotel canceled our booking at the last minute.

Left with no other options, we resorted to Google Maps to search for nearby villages. After several searches, we spotted a cluster of homestays in a village we had never heard of before.

Despite finding minimal information, we decided to trust our instincts and set out on a 4-hour car ride from Quy Nhon to Lang Go Co.

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A woman sits on the porch of her old house

Lang Go Co Homestay

We stayed at Nhim Bien and Gieng Co homestays, both conveniently located next to each other. When we arrived, our hosts met us at the entrance on a bicycle equipped with ropes to help carry our bags.

Despite being in their 70s, our hosts were incredibly welcoming, going above and beyond to ensure our stay was enjoyable. They are among the most hospitable people we've met in Vietnam.

The meals they prepared for us were exceptional, always plentiful, and accompanied by a variety of beverages and fruits. Additionally, they took care of small details without us having to ask, like spraying mosquito repellent and lighting incense to keep bugs away.

To book your homestay in Lang Go Co, contact Ms Thuỷ at +84 96 388 3663 or through this Facebook page.

A traditional homestay in Lang Go Co, Vietnam

What We Liked Best

From discovering the beautiful surroundings to the lovely homestays and hosts, you cannot visit Go Co Village without stopping by the beach.

Its clean and unspoiled surroundings, crystal-clear waters, rocks that border the beach, and most of all, the peacefulness of the area make Lang Go Co Beach one of our favorite beaches in Vietnam!

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Fishing boats are scattered on a beach in Lang Go Co, Vietnam

The sand on the beach is not fine but rather composed of tiny rock fragments that separate easily. Additionally, the current is strong and the water quickly becomes deep, making it unsuitable for children to swim.

Note: Be careful on your way down to the beach as the steps are uneven and steep.

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A beach near Lang Go Co, Vietnam

How to Get to Lang Go Co

Getting to Lang Go Co via public transportation can be a challenge due to its remote location. That’s why we recommend hiring a private car to take you to the village.

The nearest train station is located in Quang Ngai City, and it takes about 1.5 hours to drive from there. If you’re coming from Quy Nhon City, the drive is about 4 hours. We recommend arranging your car transfer with your hotel.

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An old blue house in Lang Go Co, Vietnam

Best Time to Visit

Lang Go Co is best visited during the dry season, which lasts from February to August. During this time, you can enjoy the warmer weather and make the most of your stay.

The hottest months are from May to July, and storms are more likely to occur along the central coast from September to December.

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Among the many beautiful places to stay on the central coast of Vietnam, Lang Go Co in Sa Huynh is worth visiting for its secluded beach, beautiful scenery, and friendly locals. Discover the village and immerse yourself in the local culture like nowhere else.

If you're looking for more villages in Vietnam like Lang Go Co, head north to Pu Luong Nature Reserve. This area is a trekking destination known for its terraced rice fields and relaxed atmosphere. 

Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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